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Where it all began . . .

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In 2010, 4shore Electrical was established. Completing installation contracts with a number of corporate retailers between 2010 - 2016. 

During this 6 year period it became evident that many of these companies did not have a vested interest in providing consumers with a seamless experience. This mentality did not  reflect our business model, vision or mission and we soon decided to break free from the conglomerates and diversify our humble family business. 

In 2016, 4shore Electrical was completely remodelled. In order for our consumers to enter into financial agreements with third party financing entities; a re-brand to 4shore Solar was inevitable to meet the financiers prerequisites. 2016 you could say was the year of evolution for 4shore Solar or 4shore Electrical as we knew it… 

The evolution of 4shore solar dating back to its inception in 2010.

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