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It is important regular maintenance is carried out on your solar panel system. Undertaking regular health checks and following recommended maintenance routines will ensure your system is operating safely, correctly and efficiently through out its life-span.


Most solar power systems are sold with wifi connected monitoring devices. Analysing this data regularly will allow you to understand if your system is meeting its peak performance expectations. Nearly all of these online monitoring systems can be set up to send email notifications alerting errors.

Monitoring does not have to be as high tech as graphs and applications. Simply check for a green light on your inverter during day light hours to validate it is on.

Visual inspections determining the build-up of dust, debris, bird droppings and overgrown trees causing shading on the array may severely affect the system efficiency. 


  • Health Check + Electrical Analysis
  • General Cleaning + Maintenance
  • Shade Impact Assessment
  • System Efficiency Assessment
  • Warranty Claims
  • Inverter & Panel Upgrades
  • Equipment Replacement
  • AC & DC Isolator Checks
  • Electricity Bill Analysis
  • Tariff Recommendation's

Regular health checks and maintenance should be carried out by a licensed professional to certify the system is operating safely, correctly and efficiently. 

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