Commonwealth Bank Green Loan Scheme

Home and or investment owners with an eligible CommBank home loan can access a Green Loan in order to purchase a solar power system and battery packs in order to support a low carbon economy. Supporting information can be found on the CommBank Website.


Take control of your electricity bills and power your home with solar energy.

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Gold Coasts experienced solar installation and advisors. Imagine locking in low power rates for the next couple of decades. Sounds pretty good right?

Backed with over 21 years experience on the Gold Coast, we only supply and install first-class premium solar systems specifically engineered for Australia's high humidity. 

Whether you are an individual with a residential home, a business with a commercial property or an energy provider with occasional installation needs we can provide a solution to fit your power management requirements. 

  • ‚ÄčBy generating your own power you are reducing the amount of power you need to purchase off the grid.
  • Be entitled to a tariff for the sale of any excess power sold back to the grid.
  • Preserve the environment for future generations by installing clean, green power and minimising your carbon footprint.
  • Adding value to your property whilst making a smart savvy long term investment.
  • Low maintenance with the occasional cleaning and regular health checks by a licensed electrical contractor.



Grid connected systems are the most common type of photovoltaic system. Normally found in suburban areas where  there is a readily available mains power supply too which they can be connected.

Solar panels produce DC electricity (direct current). This current is sent to a central inverter or micro-inverter to convert the DC electricity into AC electricity (alternating current). Homes with this type of system use the electricity produced by the solar system first too power loads / appliances. Excess power is then sold back to the grid for a determined tariff.

As the solar PV system is connected to the electricity grid; when the array is not generating electricity, for example during the evening and or when you are consuming more power than is being generated you can directly use the mains power. 


How does solar work?



The most important factor when choosing to ‘go solar’ is to ensure that the contracting company you decide to procure for your solar installation with is accredited, licensed and is telling you the truth. We strongly advise completing the following research prior to making a formal decision on any capital investment:

  • Look for a company that has been operating for more than five years.
  • Complete an ABN search with ASIC and download a copy of the companies current and historical data.
  • Accreditation check with the Clean Energy Council for an approved design and installation licence.
  • Use an approved Retailer registered with the Clean Energy Council
  • Electrical Contractors licence search with the local governing state or territory.
  • Research the business address and make sure it is not a virtual office.
  • Google reviews should have personalised responses to each unique review.
  • Referrals and recommendations from family and friends who have had a personal experience with a solar company.



  • High pressure sales techniques.
  • Door to door salesman.
  • Say "Act now before the government rebate end"
  • Ask you to sign up on the spot.
  • Companies offering systems well under the usual market rate.
  • Make exaggerated claims.
  • Can not explain technical information in 'plain language'

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