Clean Energy Council Installer and Retailer Program

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The Clean Energy Council is a peak body representing leading businesses within the renewable energy sector; in particular solar and wind. They have a strong focus on raising industry standards and maintaining integrity within the clean energy industries. Their advocacy work continually drives, forces and maintains the influence and take up of clean energy with in Australia. 

  • Provide a platform for the regulation of accredited solar installers where consumers can validate licences and certifications.
  • Maintaining approved module, inverter and battery energy storage products listings.
  • Running an Approved Solar Retailer program promoting honest sales and marketing practices.
  • Assisting in the development of Australian Standard guidelines. 
  • Access to relevant guides and information for prospective consumers.

What is a Solar Retailer?

In December of 2019, 4shore Solar became a signatory to the Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer program. The program is voluntary and aims to raise industry best practice standards; raising the bar for responsible sales and marketing approaches of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

The program was established in 2013 in order to monitor the solar retail sector in particular the engagement of misleading and or poor sales and marketing practices. The code is the only industry specific program authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

The code is a self-regulated scheme designed to provide consumers with confidence that solar retailers will act in compliance with and where appropriate go beyond all relevant federal, state laws and regulations and conduct their business in a professional and ethical manner. The code also deliberately connects the responsibility of the retailer with the obligations of accredited installers / designers, to ensure retailers accountability of sub-contracted parties. 

Do your research; just because a company displays the CEC Approved Retailer logo does not always mean they are actually approved. Below link for your intended research:

Clean Energy Council - Find an approved retailer. 

Addressing identified issues impacting the reputation of the solar industry :

  • Misleading claims given to consumers regarding the performance of their PV system and future electricity bills. 
  • Misleading advertising regarding the size of PV systems, the value of available government incentives, and the suitability of the PV system.
  • The retailer not taking responsibility for the whole of the PV system including product warranties and workmanship. 
  • Sub-standard installation work.
  • The retailer not taking responsibility for subcontracted parties acting on their behalf and any parties who generate sales leads utilised by the retailer. 

Pre-Sale Activities

  • To protect the consumer against dishonest or misleading advertising and sales tactics, and to ensure that sales representatives act ethically at all times during marketing campaigns an when dealing with consumers. 
  • To ensure that the consumer is provided with the necessary written information to enable full understanding and awareness of their purchase. 

Post-Sale Activities

  • To ensure that consumers legal rights relating to cooling-off periods, deposits and refunds are respected, and that the consumer has the opportunity to cancel a contract where changes are made after point of sale; are not approved in writing. 
  • To ensure that the consumer receives a system that is installed correctly, in accordance with existing legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines. 
  • To ensure that the consumer is provided with a standard minimum warranty period covering the operation and performance of the entire system, and that the retailer is responsible for addressing any problems relating to workmanship or product that arise during this period. 
  • To ensure that the consumer is provided with the required documentation after the PV system is installed, and that the retailer and the consumer are fully aware of who is responsible for the provision of the relevant documentation.
  • To ensure that the retailer adheres to all existing legislation and regulations, and maintains consistent business practices including, but not limited too, effective complaint handling procedures and cancellation procedures. 

What is an accredited solar designer and installer?

The Clean Energy Council also regulates the installation and design of solar systems nationally. To be eligible for government incentives ; predominately the creation of renewable energy certificates in which you surrender for a monetary discount on the overall cost of your solar PV system it must be installed by an electrical contractor who is accredited for the design and installation of solar and or battery systems with the Clean Energy Council. 

It is important that you are not fooled here. Businesses can not be accredited for the design and installation of a solar PV system. The CEC only accredits individual people as an installer or designer. Companies claiming to be an approved installer are making false and misleading claims. 

  • A CEC Designer and Installer has undergone a rigorous training program. 
  • Follows industry best practice guidelines.
  • Adheres to the Australian Standards.
  • Holds a minimum 5 million dollar Public Liability Insurance Policy. 
  • Performs a standard amount of training each year as per the licensing requirements. 

Again do your research; just because a company displays the CEC Approved Installer logo does not always mean they are actually accredited. Below link for your intended research:

 Clean Energy Council - Find an Installer 

4shore Solar is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer under Jason McElroy company director

Who will I be dealing with when purchasing a solar PV array?

There may be several people you deal with when purchasing a solar power system. Let us simplify this for you. 

  • A sales company 
  • The system designer 
  • The installer
  • A qualified electrician
  • Several administrative consultants

In our case, you deal with 4shore Solar through out the whole process. You deal with only one company; we are your sales company approved by the CEC under the Approved Retailer Scheme. We are your accredited system designer, installer and electrician. All work is completed ‘in house’ by us. We do not employ sub-contractors to complete your solar installations; it is not unusual for companies to secure a sale and contract, and then subcontract out the installation. 

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