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The FSP Program otherwise known as Fronius Solutions Partner Program was initiated with the intention of improving system quality, performance, and reliability throughout the industry. 

The service is a clear reflection of the brand and its quality driven criteria. Solutions partners are selected by Fronius because they have a proven track record working with Fronius products; they also provide flexible, reliable and optimised solar system solutions for all property types and site requirements. 

FSP’s commit to undertaking intensive training through-out the year and provide proactive solutions to their customers. In return, priority access is given to FSP’s when technical assistance is required from the engineering department.  



As a signatory to the program we confirm that 4shore Solar;

Demonstrates competence in providing consultation, installation and support services for Fronius solutions, as well as commitment to further training and is therefore certified as Fronius Solutions Partner. 

Issued: 2020



For over 25 years, having a close relationship with installers has been essential for Fronius. With our Solutions Partner Program, we want to guarantee comprehensive service at the highest level; from the analysis of your energy consumption and system planning, right through to the installation and ongoing support. This is why we attach great importance to the continuous development of our system partners. For you as a customer, this translates into the highest level of quality and future-proofing. 

Our goal is a world in which we use 100% renewable energy. We can only achieve this with you. Invest in your energy future and make an important contribution towards this goal. With a Fronius Solutions Partner, you are in the best possible hands when it comes to your own personal energy revolution.