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Fronius Primo Inverter - Fault Codes

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Get the answers to your Fronius Primo Inverter State, Fault and Error Codes here. If your solar inverter fails within the warranty period, Fronius will cover the replacement costs under their warranty terms. 

When an inverter develops a fault it usually appears with a STATE code on the display screen. Use the STATE code displayed and reference the table below to ascertain the type of fault your solar power system has encountered. 

At 4shore Solar, we offer full service solar panel system maintenance packages for your peace of mind. Solar systems should be maintained to ensure maximum output efficiency over their lifetime.

Being proactive with annual and general health checks, tests and inspections will ensure your solar panel system is performing to its maximum potential. If a problem arises with your solar inverter or your solar panel system, we react quickly to resolve and provide you with a guaranteed resolution.

Fronius Inverter Solar PV Systems can be monitored and analysed quickly using the Fronius Solar Web online portal. Real-time system data can be accessed at any time and presented through a user-friendly application showcasing a range of analysis functions.

From October 2018 all Fronius Inverters installed in Australia come with a 5 year warranty for parts and labour and an additional 5 year extension on parts only. For the warranty to be claimed accordingly you must register your device and site specific information on the Solar Web portal. The warranty period begins from the installation date entered during the product registration process.

Do not be alarmed if ......

  • In the mornings when your Fronius Inverter is booting up it may display an orange fault light.This is a normal function of the inverter. It should be given a few minutes before it will turn green.
  • Your Fronius Inverter when working at peak performance, sound may increase as it works to produce more wattage.
  • The fault light may also display in the evenings when your inverter is preparing to shutdown. This is again a normal function of the inverter. It is preparing to go to sleep and wake up for another big day just like you. The display screen will go blank.
  • There is no sunlight. Your solar pv system functions only from the performance of the SUN. This means at night time your solar power system will be dormant just as you are until sunrise. 


Our expert team can install replacement parts under warranty and even provide you with upgraded  products that may benefit you.

Contact our team today.  


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