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There is no doubt in our minds that Fronius is the market leader when it comes to manufacturing state of the art solar inverters and monitoring devices. The latest Fronius Snap Inverter range is suitable for a wide variety of applications, on both residential and commercial solar projects.

It is our go-to product for several reasons. 

  • Quality Assurance
  • Wifi Monitoring System
  • Light Weight Easy Set Up
  • Proactive Service
  • Inbuilt DC Isolator 
  • Display Screen
  • Future Proofed Concept for AC or DC Battery Integration
  • Self-Consumption Smart Meter

In the event you're Fronius Inverter registers a fault it will usually display a red light signal along with a STATE code on the display screen. The STATE code is an important feature which allows us to directly assess the error without having to complete a preliminary site inspection. Thus, making the initial layout an immediate cost effective solution for the end-user as well as the solar power installer. 

After installation of your solar panel system with 4shore solar, our friendly solar technician will assist you in activating your Solar Web monitoring application which connects through your homes internet wi-fi network. The app will give you a fast and easy overview of the latest real-time data generated by your solar panel systems production. 

Once the set-up wizard is configured to your systems specifications. You can conveniently access, monitor and analyse your solar power systems productivity and or consumption if you have elected to install the Fronius Smart Meter

The Solar Web portal allows for us to input a back-to-base user code into the settings of your application in order for us to remotely monitor your systems performance and productivity. When an event is triggered the system will alert not only you the home owner but our dedicated 4shore team. 


Experiencing problems ...

If you’re experiencing problems with your Fronius Inverter, require a solar system service or clean please do not hesitate in calling us for honest advice and quality workmanship. 

In the event of an orange light troubleshoot your home or businesses wifi connection before calling in a technician. If you have recently upgraded your internet at the property; your new modem settings will have to be re-configurated on the inverter settings.

Inspections requiring immediate testing of solar system equipment incur a $220 charge. If we find your solar inverter or solar panel system has failed and require replacement the initial site fee is void if you purchase the replacement product from us, great value right!!

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Do not be alarmed if ...

  • In the mornings when your Fronius Inverter is booting up it may display an orange fault light.This is a normal function of the inverter. It should be given a few minutes before it will turn green.
  • Your Fronius Inverter when working at peak performance, sound may increase as it works to produce more wattage.
  • The fault light may also display in the evenings when your inverter is preparing to shutdown. This is again a normal function of the inverter. It is preparing to go to sleep and wake up for another big day just like you. The display screen will go blank.
  • There is no sunlight. Your solar pv system functions only from the performance of the SUN. This means at night time your solar power system will be dormant just as you are until sunrise. Do not call us after sun down, your system is also napping

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