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Sungrow Power Supply Co was founded in China in 1997. Having rapid success on a global scale Sungrow enhanced their provision to Australia in 2012 creating a support centre in Sydney which services contractors needs such as ourselves for technical support, after sales service, large scale projects and warranty assistance

Sungrow has proven to be formidable within the ranks of a volatile inverter manufacturing market. Their efforts in research and development signify the timely rise of an ‘economically manufactured chinese inverter’, yes we said it! We found an inverter manufactured in China that provides us confidence in a equivocal segment of the solar inverter market that is profoundly cheap and nasty. 

The doom and gloom of COVID 19 and all the ‘feels’ that have come with it have led the end client to look extensively at their bottom dollar and invest in options outside of the European made first-class inverter solution. Sungrow met the consumer market in recent years by providing a full 10 year product warranty on not only parts but also labour on all models and recently initiated the release of the Sungrow Premium. 

The Sungrow Premium is a fine-tuned version of its previous inverter. Housing an inbuilt DC Isolator it’s recent functionality and design upgrades synonymous to that of its European counterparts. 

Sungrows monitoring platform; iSolarcloud also underwent some major refurbishments in recent years now providing a seamless graphical user interface (GUI) which some would say outshines other manufacturers monitoring applications. 

The introduction of the Sungrow Consumption Monitor allows the inverter to display household consumption. This device is not a new technology. Fronius have had a similar device in play for many years now, however the build of each device contrasts one another. This is reflective in the additional costs associated should you wish to add this function to your solar system. We warrant the modest pricing does not affect the reliability and accuracy of their product.   

Some savvy clients relish the fact they can monitor their homes consumption and run various appliances in-line with peak solar production. Therefore, conserving reliance on the grid while reducing their utility bill. However, fancy devices and over-complicated WIFI connected applications do not do it for everyone! So when we found out that the release of the Sungrow Premium still included a display monitoring screen on the inverters interface we were elated for our ‘old school’ clients! 

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